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The Fundamental and Administrative Skills for Activity Professionals Part I

08/03/15 The Fundamental and Administrative Skills for Activity Professionals Part I

Instructor: Dorothea Brewer MA, TRS/TXC, CTRS, ACC
Consultant: Dr. Jacquelyn Vaughan-Williams PhD, TRS/TXC
Consultant: Victoria Salter MA, TRS/TXC
Consultant: Taffy Simmons TRS/TXC

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Tuition Cost: Part I $600.00 Part I/II $1080.00
The Fundamental and Administrative Skills for Activity Professionals Part I-Course ID 080315 $600.00-16 Weeks Online Course

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Registration Process:

  • Fill out an Enrollment Packet; submit by clicking on the submit page or fax to 800-861-3078.  A RAR personnel will contact you.
  • Students are required to create a student account on in order to enroll prior to the start date of the course.
  • The student will pay the full registration/or an installment fee prior to the start date.
  • The student has three days from the course start date to drop the course.  The full amount paid, minus a $100.00 Service Fee will be refunded to the student.
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Course Requirements:

  • The student must have a valid e-mail address.
  • The student must have access to a computer with internet capabilities and a fax machine.
  • The student must have a valid phone number and mailing address.
  • The student must have a High School Diploma or GED and be able to write and speak English.
  • A student must have a basic knowledge of computers is required. (I.e. navigation, sending and receiving e-mails, uploading files and saving documents.)


Fieldwork Experience Requirements:

  • The student will complete required 96 hours;  fieldwork experience under the leadership of an “Approved” Instructor.
  • Students will be required to complete all fieldwork objectives during the required duration of the course.
  • Attention Texas Residents NOTE:  TAAP (Texas Association for Activity Professionals) is NOT an approved affiliation for this section of the course.


Course Purpose

To understand the role of the activity professional in the long term health care facilities.  To provide an overview of the history, regulations, diagnostics groups, assessment processes, activity programming, communications, advocacy, ethics, service delivery, and volunteer management.  This course, when combined with the fieldwork practicum meets the state requirements to be “qualified” as an activity professional.

Class Program

Classwork/96 Hours/9 Weeks……Fieldwork Experience/96 Hours/7 Weeks


  • Define and understand the Activity Service as a Profession and role as a Professional
  • Breakdown of the Long Term Care Continuum while developing understanding of the goals and populations by all services in the Long Term Care Continuum
  • Understanding of evaluation and implementation of services regarding the needs of clients
  • Understanding of human, legal and other organizations
  • Understanding accountability and responsibility
  • Evaluation and Understanding of Listening Skills and effective communication
  • Team work and relationships
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution with supervisors, staff and families
  • Use of Assertiveness in negotiation and argumentation
  • Understand the concepts of professionalism and ethics
  • Discuss the validity and reliability as an activity professional
  • Identify the Activity profession’s standard of practice, colleagues, ethics, and professional associations
  • Design a plan for Certification through NCCAP and CTRAC (Texas students “only”)
  • The importance of keeping current with trends, research, resources and continuing education within our field
  • Determine areas within the activity profession and patient care that require advocacy
  • Learn the breakdown of adult development
  • Learn the influence of race, gender, class and culture on adult development
  • Understanding of the effects of life events regarding time, order and history
  • Determine long life and life span factors in adult development
  • Universal human needs
  • Identify spirituality and organized belief system and for our residents
  • Understanding of the Death and dying process
  • Determine personal motives, goals and limits as an activity professional
  • Identifying ethical strategies to maintain positive relationships with clients
  • Determine effective communication with various types of clients
  • Identifying holistic approaches to care giving
  • Identifying important data to collect for care planning, assessment, and goals
  • Determine the process of recording client progress
  • Learn how to effectively work within the interdisciplinary care planning team and team goal setting
  • Understanding of care conferences and protocols
  • Knowledge of leadership and leading activity groups
  • Understanding and managing group behavior in activities
  • To understand and demonstrate how to develop activity plans for all levels of residents using all the activity domains.
  • Develop a philosophy of care and including the service delivery
  • Understanding of the elements of the activity service design and development.
  • Learning the Individual Comprehensive Assessment
  • Putting together the service design with program implementation with the use of volunteers to make a successful program.

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