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Management and Leadership

  • Employee/Volunteer Recruitment, Interviewing, Hiring, Retention, Development, Recognition, Evaluation, Termination
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Time Management
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting, Billing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Grant Writing
  • Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Consultant’s Education
  • Risk Management/Incident Reporting
  • Job Descriptions
  • Team Building
  • Resident Rights
  • Partnership Co-Op Programs
  • Computer Skills
  • Resident and Family Counseling

Power of the Press-$40.95

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Pre-Approval NCCAP 31195-14

Instructor:  Gloria Hoffner BA, ADC, AC-BC

5 Contact Hours


NCCAP 31195-14

By completing this course, the activity professional will know;
what makes a good news feature about their community, how to sell an
editor on covering your activity department; how to handle bad news
with the news media; how to frame good photos for release; how to
deal with new photographers; how to write a press release and alternative
ways of receiving good press, letters to the editor and being a reporter’s


  • Write a press release in the inverted triangle style editors prefer.
  • Know how to take photos, newspapers will accept for publication.
  • Understand what make a good news story; and what is not an activity that would be covered by a news agency.
  • Know what to say to the press in response to an emergency in your community.
  • Understand how to use letters to the editors and reporter sources for good press.