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Human Development

  • Human Development and Growth Throughout the Lifespan
  • Wellness and Self-Esteem
  • Leisure and Aging
  • Theories of Behavioral Change
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Attitudes and Motivation
  • Speech and Communication

Motivate Yourself-$37.95

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4 Contact Hours                                                                                                                                                              Pre-Approval                                                                                                                                                      CTRAC 30003-18

Self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to
go on – it’s our internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, and
keep moving forward. This workshop will help you work on
how to become better motivated.


    • Understand the importance of self-motivation.
    • Understand different techniques of motivation.
    • Understanding ways to avoid burn out in your job.

The Activity Director’s Trick To Motivating Your Staff-$37.95

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4 Contact Hours

NCCAP 26029-18

Activity Directors need programs that will provide motivation and cohesion, for the staff, within the long-term care setting. This four-hour workshop will define motivation and give examples of activities and programming ideas to create a motivated team and staff.  


      • Define motivational terms with a discussion on what motivates people.
      • Take a test on leadership.
      • Understand various activity ideas that promote staff motivation.